Artiste Peintre


Discover paintings of expressionist, lyrical painting in Mougins

Her world is diverse, she likes to work different techniques and media such as oil painting, gouache, watercolor and sculpture

Make painting like a prayer to say thank you to life


Creative and passionate, Marie Tissot, painter in Mougins specializes in expressionist painting, lyrical painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture... She implements her talents and her love of colors by telling a beautiful love story with art.

His studio is located in the heart of the village of Mougins, where Marie Tissot's gallery has existed since 1985.

The artist's sensibility feeds on all that is beautiful in his path.

This great artist, recognized by her peers, imposes her style.



Marie Tissot, born in Nice, was very young attracted by drawing and colour.

Marie Tissot's world is diverse: oil painting, watercolour, pastel, engraving, sculpture and litography.

His predilection is focused on human beings. A world that lives and moves translates into landscapes, street scenes, restaurants, flower markets, women in hats and birds.

In 1973, she won the New York Grand Prix, since her route is punctuated by numerous exhibitions and her works are the joy of many collectors around the world.

Registered at the artists' house in Paris since 1985. She was appointed an academic knight in 1999 by the international order "Greci-Marino".

Marie Tissot has been laying her brushes in Mougins village for 35 years and invites you to share her works at 63 rue des Lombards 06250 MOUGINS.