A few comments from journalists about Marie Tissot in Mougins


Marie Tissot's work belongs to painting.

Colors abound, with robust lines. The lines fuse and audacity exists. It is a frank painting that in the observation of every moment identifies the subject, able to satisfy the desire for combat and victory experienced by the artist.

Michel Gaudet

Whether Marie Tissot paints a portrait or represents a landscape, she is always felt above all sensitive to human presence. The life from which she draws herself resonates in all its eternal fragility, like an echo. It is thus with passion and brilliance that emotion must arise from the concrete in instanitity.

Nadine Guérin

Marie Tissot expressionist or lyrical, always knows how to adapt the themes she deals with to an adequate technique.

Which is the clue to a beautiful job.

J. -Charles Rousseau

63 street des lombards

06250 Mougins